The Guides Inn is open Sunday and Monday of Memorial Day Weekend.
        We are also open Mother's Day Sunday, the Sunday of the 4th of July weekend and Labor Day Sunday.
        We are closed on Thanksgiving day and the week of Christmas, Dec 20th to the 25th.
        Open back up on Dec 26th, including that Sunday the 27th.

As far as Northwoods restaurants go, The Guides Inn is the premier restaurant in fine dining and gourmet cuisine in an authentic Northwoods atmosphere, so you can enjoy the best of the northern Wisconsin restaurant and dining offerings. We're happy to have you as our guest and hope to make this a memorable ocassion, with a variety of dishes, over 36 entrees made to order, prepared to your satisfaction.

The Guides Inn has been a historical landmark in the Northwoods since the 1920's. The owners have changed over the years, but the quality of our food is unmatched. In 1984, Jimmy Dean Vanrossum became the owner and created the top gourmet dining establishment that The Guides Inn is today. Our menu includes dishes ranging from classical American cuisine to French and European style offerings. Our most popular item is the Pan Fried Walleye.